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Manasys Jazz is a new approach to programming that slashes complexity and cost. It is:

  • A revolutionary programming technology for mainframe systems
  • A system that delivers dramatic productivity gains:
    • 1 line of Jazz delivers 10 to 40 lines of COBOL
  • A system that uses the latest features of .NET
    • Integrates Windows development with Mainframe operation
    • Uses the Power, Flexibility and Convenience of Windows Programming
  • A system that builds on the legacy of a successful, tried and proven mainframe application delivery platform that business has relied upon for decades

Interested in becoming an early adopter of MANASYS JAZZ?

Advantages of being an Early Adopter

  • Help shape product direction and priorities
  • Develop a special relationship with the Jazz Developers
  • Advance notice of planned developments
  • Early availability of new features
  • Discounted early-adopter pricing