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Manasys Jazz is a new approach to programming that slashes complexity and cost. It is:

  • A revolutionary programming technology for mainframe systems
  • A system that delivers dramatic productivity gains:
    • 1 line of Jazz delivers 10 to 40 lines of COBOL
  • A system that uses the latest features of .NET
    • Integrates Windows development with Mainframe operation
    • Uses the Power, Flexibility and Convenience of Windows Programming
  • A system that builds on the legacy of a successful, tried and proven mainframe application delivery platform that business has relied upon for decades

Interested in becoming an early adopter of MANASYS JAZZ?

Advantages of being an Early Adopter

  • Help shape product direction and priorities
  • Develop a special relationship with the Jazz Developers
  • Advance notice of planned developments
  • Early availability of new features
  • Discounted early-adopter pricing


Fliplet helps companies rapidly build and launch mobile apps without requiring development or design skills. Fliplet takes 30 minutes to learn and apps can be launched to the public or private company app stores using Apple or Android devices. As all organisations are different Fliplet can be extended through new features or designs that can enforce a company's brand is always respected.

Fliplet is well suited to helping companies create:

  • Sales and marketing apps
  • Knowledge base and knowledge sharing apps
  • Training and education apps
  • Reporting apps
  • Workflow apps

Fliplet includes 3 key components:

  1. Fliplet Studio - an online tool for the rapid creation and updating of mobile apps
  2. Fliplet Viewer - an app offering instant access to mobile apps built with Fliplet via the Apple or Google app store
  3. Fliplet Custom Apps - apps produced by Fliplet for distribution via internal or public app stores